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Armored Capillary Tube For Downhole Chemical Injection

Polymer encapsulated armored tubing is applied for precise dosing of chemical reagents and their delivery with minimal losses to the required level of a downhole


Downhole application


Capillary tube


Galvanized steel wire armor


PP encapsulation (jacket)


OPTIONS Metric US Units
Temperature ratings +140°C +284F
Tubing outer diameter 4.0 mm 0.157 in
Tubing wall thickness 0.2 mm 0.007 in
Collapse pressure 30 Mpa 4 300 psi
Burst pressure 80 MPa 11 500 psi
Outer jacket diameter 10.0 mm 0.393 in
Weight 275 kg/km 0.185 lb/ft
Minimum bending radius ×20ø

Materials [+]

Tubing and armor: stainless steel 304, 316L and alloy 825
Encapsulation: PP, HDPE, PA, ETPE, FEP, PFA

Other options available upon request.


  • High resistance to inner and outer pressure
  • High resistance of outer jacket to temperature up to 140°C (284°F)
  • High resistance to harsh environment
  • The standard range includes stainless steel 304, 316L and alloy 825.

Structural health monitoring
Bridges, Rail Roads, Soil Movements, Geothermal

Pipeline leak monitoring

Fire Detection

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