About us

Working since 2007

14 years
15 577 360
kilometers of fiber
635 450
kilomerers of cable
cable designs
In 2021
3 160 110
kilometers of fiber
88 500
kilometers of cable
Number 1 plant in Russia and CIS in terms of production volume of fiber optic cable (in 2013–2015 and 2017–2021) and the volume of processed optical fiber (in 2012–2017)

We live in amazing times. Speeds are increasing, the volume of information is increasing exponentially, we are constantly testing our own limits and inventing new technologies to transform the world. Optical fiber is no longer just a means of communication, but the way that enables controlling and monitoring objects.

Combining all of Incab’s expertise in fiber optic cables, we have developed a range of sensor cables for a variety of applications.

Supply experience — 2700+ km of specialy cables

1189 km

664 km

487 km

112 km

109 km

86 km

32 km

8 km

4 km

How can we help?

Sergey Toropov

Head of Specialty Cables Sales


Denis Ostapenko

Deputy Head of the Package Solutions Promotion Department