Heat & fire, pressure & moisture, corrosion & vibration
Specialty cable for harsh environment


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down-hole O&G wells


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Structural health monitoring
Bridges, Rail Roads, Soil Movements, Geothermal

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Fiber optic monitoring system

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Elements of integrated system

Fiber optic sensor



Optic fiber is a sensing element of a system and can be applied both a data transfer and a sensor

Fiber optic doesn't need a power

Resistance to electromagnetic influences

Distributed continuous sensing element

Both a cable and a sensor

Small, lightweight with thread-like geometry

One cable measures different parameters

Working since 2007


12 100 500

7 519 000 miles of fiber

487 500

303 000 miles of cable


of supplies: North America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, CIS


cable designs

IN 2019

1 662 500 km

1 033 000 miles of fiber

78 500 km

49 000 miles of cable

Fiber optics cable is used as a medium to transfer data, control and for sensing. The large bandwidth of the fiber optic cable along with compact cable, size and weight make its installation less time consuming. With sensing capability, fiber optic system provides a wide range of data about environmental conditions such as temperature, oil reserve levels and equipment performance or status. The FO cable can be used to monitor asset at long distance from the control room, on shore as well off shore making it most durable and robust solution in the industry.

The Fiber Optic Sensing requires a very specific cabling to ensure safety, productivity and durability in such challenging environment. These cables must be reliable and able to withstand heat, pressure, moisture, corrosion and vibration.

Incab Specialty Cables (ISC) LLC offers a range of specialty cables for the application in Oil&Gas, Security, Civil structure monitoring, Rail Road, IoT, Fire Detection, Geophysics, this includes Sensing cable with Encapsulated Conductor and Encapsulated Fiber and hybrid cables.

The company is a spin off from INCAB with a rich manufacturing expertise and history. Incab Group is based in Russia and has a US subsidiary Incab America LLC, operating two production sites in Perm (Russia) and in Arlington TX.
Incab Group designs, develops and manufactures cables for the telecommunications and power industry for the last 11 years. It is one of the largest manufacturers of cables in Europe.
The in-house capability of producing basic steel tubing, Fiber-In-Metal-Tube (FIMT), encapsulating optical fiber and copper conductor with various metals, alloys and polymers, allows us to develop and offer unique solutions for the harsh environment applications.

As the need for more sophisticated fiber optics cable develops, ISC remains at the forefront in developing and customization of these cables for various applications, using different metals and outer encapsulations configuration.
Through the relationships with system manufacturers and thorough the understanding of customer and market needs, ISC is ready to serve this high-tech industry with a cable portfolio which is unique and cost competitive.

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