Today, producer companies do go the extra mile to prevent oil and gas leakages that harm the environment by polluting water and soil. One of the important step on this way is employment the technologies for the efficient and sustainable using of energy and energy resources.

The advanced approach based on distributed fiber optic monitoring system is able to prevent accidents and avoid environmental damage and fines for companies.

Interrogation Equipment



DTS: Distributed Temperature Sensing
- temperature monitoring

DAS: Distributed Acoustic Sensing
- acoustic monitoring

DSS: Distributed Strain Sensing
- strain monitoring

Fiber optic sensor


Intelligent cable: both a cable and a sensor

Optical fiber doesn't need power

Resistance to electromagnetic influences

Distributed continuous sensing element

Combination of optical fibers and metallic conductors

Small, lightweight with thread-like geometry

Multi-sensing capabilities

Suitable for harsh environments

Coatings for various temperatures