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Other harsh environment

Optical fiber serves not only as a way of communication, but also enables monitoring of objects and controlling of technological processes. With the help of distributed fiber optic monitoring systems one can remotely monitor: leaks, perimeters, modes of operation, structural health of buildings and structures, fire safety.

The operating conditions define special demands on the cable: it must withstand high temperatures, pressure, moisture, corrosion and vibration. For non-standard or complex applications, we develop and produce unique and customer based cables optimally designed to your project.

Why optical fiber?

Optical fiber, commonly used for data transmission, is excellent for acoustic, temperature, vibration and strain monitoring applications.

Ultraprecise localization of changes

Ultraprecise measurement discreteness

Monitoring of large areas and high length objects

Suitable for harsh environments

Low space requirements

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Anton Kytmanov

Head of Specialty Cables Sales