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Quality philosophy

Incab's approach to quality can be called a philosophy.

Our quality philosophy is a combination of proven materials, step-by-step quality control and a continuous work of a Test Center.


Optical fiber:

Standard fibers are single-mode G.652.D or multimode G.651.1.

Special fibers are high-temperature resistant (FiberCore, Corning) with coatings for various temperatures.



Armor wire:

304, 316L, Incoloy 825, Inconel 625

Coatings for various temperatures

Depending on operating temperature coating material is designed for optical fibers protection

Step-by-step quality control

  1. Incoming quality control of materials
  2. 100% quality control at each production step
  3. Check of compliance with design requirements
  4. Periodic and continuous testing of finished products

Test center

Cable testing in the Test Center guarantees reliability and long design life. We perform the entire range of necessary tests:

Monitoring of signal attenuation and cable integrity

  • maximum rated design tension up to 400 kN,
  • resistance to crushing load up to 5 kN / 100 mm,
  • bending radius from 50 to 500 mm,
  • torsion ±360ᵒ,
  • mechanical impact up to 50 J

Monitoring of signal attenuation and cable integrity

Temperature range from −60 to +150 ᵒС (can be increased upon request)

Control of weld strength in structures for feeding reagents into the well

Pressure range up to 100 MPa

Cable longitudinal watertightness control

Water supply at pressure of 1 m H2O, soaking for 24 hours

Control of fiber strain inside the cable with BOFDA/BOFDR (fibrisTerre)

  • determination of the fiber Brillouin frequency (GHz)
  • determination of the sensitivity of the Brillouin fiber frequency:
    — by strain
    — by temperature
  • no slippage of fibers when strained

Testing of cable for the number of bending cycles before a break

  • cable diameter up to 10 mm,
  • bending radius from 200 to 500 mm,
  • maximum tension up to 500 kg (5 kN),
  • maximum number of cycles 20 000

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