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Capillary Tube

Polymer encapsulated armored tubing is applied for precise dosing of chemical reagents and their delivery with minimal losses to the required level of a downhole


Downhole chemical injection

Cable side view
Capillary tube
Inner jacket
Armoring steel wires incorporated into the outer jacket
Cable cut view
Cable side view
Polymer tube
Armoring steel wire incorporated into outer the jacket
Outer jacket
Cable cut view
  • Easy sealing
  • Flexible
  • High resistance to internal and external pressure
  • Outer jacket resistance to high temperatures
  • High resistance to aggressive environments
  • Corrosion-resistant alloys are suitable for high hydrogen sulfide environments
Design options

Inner polymer or stainless steel tube

Temperature rating +90 °C
+125 °C
+140 °C
+194 °F
+257 °F
+284 °F
Tube inner diameter 3.6–7 mm 0.118–0.275 in
Outer jacket diameter 10–17 mm 0.393–0.669 in
Inner operating pressure from 20 MPa from 2900 psi
Minimum bending radius x 20D

Tube: stainless steel 304, 316L, Incoloy, Inconel

Armor wire: GIPS (galvanized improved plowed steel) or GEIPS (galvanized extra improved plowed steel), stainless steel or specialty Ni-based alloys for higher corrosion resistance

Jacket: PP, PE

This cable is used in the following solutions

Supply experience — 3500+ km of specialty cables

1217 km

931 km

623 km

419 km

129 km

86 km

65 km

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4 km

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