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Optical Phase Conductor


Distributed temperature sensing

Distributed acoustic sensing

Distributed sensing of hazardous activity near power lines, lightning strikes, short circuits

Cable side view
Оптическое волокно
Стальной оптический модуль
Проволока из алюминиевого сплава
Проволока из алюминиевого сплава
Cable cut view
  • 3 products in one: a ground wire, data transmission and power line monitoring
  • Reduced harmful effects (no lightning strikes, less icing)
  • Meeting the required sag, especially at large crossings
  • Does not create additional loads on transmission towers during the construction of fiber optic communication lines
Temperature rating −60 °C … +85 °C −76 °F … +185 °F
Rated breaking strength (RBS) 15–200 kN 3372–44962 lb
Cable diameter 10–34 mm 0.394–1.339 in
Fiber count up to 288
Minimum bending radius x 20D

Optical fibers: SM or MM, coating depends on temperature rating
Stranded wires: aluminum-clad steel wires and/or aluminum alloy wires

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